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Over the past 40 years, I have built and developed my architectural practice in Glasgow; absorbing the grain and topography of the city, assembling a knowledge of its urbanisation, championing collaborations with a number of fine architects, designers, consultants & clients and having enjoyed the privilege of enthusing and harnessing the positive energies of many alumni through my time as Professor at Strathclyde University.


Forty years on from my registration as an architect, my passion for and study of the city of Glasgow has never waned. The relentless yet calming order of the Cartesian grid camouflaging the chaos of urban life, set alongside it’s seductive creativity & collaborative energy has set the scene for my career in architecture since my arrival at 131 Rottenrow in 1970.


Having now retired from architectural practice, I have created a new studio: a space to focus on the elements from those forty years which remain at the core of my appetite for architecture & to enjoy an immersion in the continued experiment of the city through design collaboration and research.

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